About Us

BridgeHaus Property Managers is a family owned and operated property management company servicing San Diego County, California. We’re a caring group of professionals, committed to empowering investors, families and communities. By providing concierge service to everyone we interact with, we deliver excellent customer experience. Our aim is to provide value to our clients, making their lives easier, happier and stress-free.


Revolutionize Your Property Management Experience with BridgeHaus Property Managers

Personalized Service

At BridgeHaus Property Managers, we bring a personal touch to property management. As a family-owned and operated company, we're committed to serving our community with the highest level of care.

Local Expertise

Get ready to rent your property quickly by using our cutting-edge marketing strategy. We strategically position your property in the San Diego rental market. So your property attracts the right tenants in no time.

Happy Clients

We’re on a mission to improve the reputation of the property management industry. This is demonstrated by empowering investors, families, and communities in San Diego with our approach and commitment to excellence.

Meet The Team

Meet The BridgeHaus Team


Head of Operations

Brittny, our Head of Operations, is a native Southern Californian and has lived in San Diego since 2004. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in International Studies, Economics from the University of California, San Diego, it was clear to Brittny that San Diego was her new home. As for her professional experience, Brittny is a customer service expert and knows the true importance of integrity, providing BridgeHaus clients with a unique customer experience, leaving them appreciated and valued. In her free time, Brittny is an avid soccer player, loves reading and enjoys traveling.


Operations Administrator

Amber, BridgeHaus’ Client Experience Specialist, was born and raised a beach girl locally in San Diego. Amber graduated from California College of San Diego with a Business & Accounting Degree. After working 10 years in Accounting, Amber decided she desired a shift in her career. With experience in a wide range of industries, including customer service, what better direction than a more hands on career with the intent of helping others.

Amber enjoys anything active outdoors with her two dogs; hiking, paddle boarding, beach runs and roller skating!


Head of Marketing

Chloe was born and raised in Southern California and cannot imagine growing up anywhere else. Chloe graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a degree in International Studies. Chloe’s passion for design and art led her to an early career in art consulting and curating for private collectors and major hotels around the world. Chloe’s experience with working in a high paced environment and a passion for providing exceptional service, gives BridgeHaus clients confidence that Chloe truly cares about their success and accomplishing their goals with real estate investment.

Chloe enjoys exploring exotic foods, traveling, art, design and hiking.

Jacqueline (Jac)

Leasing Expert

Jac was originally born in Cleveland, Ohio, raised in Gulfport, Mississippi, but recently moved from Nashville, Tennessee. She graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a B.A. in Business Administration where she found her love for the business world. She has a ton of customer service experience from her many years in sales and loves a good challenge to be thrown her way. She was a part of the dance team in college and she also worked and competed in the pageant industry as a contestant, a stylist, and a pageant coach. She enjoys taking dance classes, traveling, shopping, and watching football (Geaux Saints!).


Leasing Expert

Arian, a San Diego native with a passion for property management and real estate. With over 6 years of experience. Arian has an eagle eye for identifying prime real estate opportunities and a knack for managing properties with precision and care.

When not busy with work, Arian can often be found soaking up the sunshine, whether that’s hitting the beach or tearing it up on the sand dunes in Glamis. Arian is always up for an adventure, and with their love of the great outdoors, they are the perfect guide to show you the best that San Diego has to offer.


Senior Maintenance Technician

Andy is a born and raised San Diegan, with a love for problem solving and being of service to anyone in need. Andy’s workforce experience includes growing up assisting his father on job sites in the plumbing trade, as well as customer service in multiple service industry jobs after high school. 

Andy has a passion for making music through various computer programs as well as diagnosing and doing his own car repairs.


Maintenance Coordinator

Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, Victor brings a unique perspective to the table, with a passion for problem-solving and a background in engineering. 
With three years of experience in the leasing field, Victor transitioned into his role at BridgeHaus, where he now serves as a part of our maintenance team.

Outside of work, Victor treasures spending time with his family of four, and honing his skills on the tennis an padel courts.


Head of Maintenance

A native to Southern California and our Director of Maintenance, Andrew, grew up in a construction family and was around large construction projects since he was 8 years old when his Dad started bringing him along during summer breaks to begin teaching him how to work with his hands. Andrew now brings these 35 years of experience to the BridgeHaus maintenance department.

Andrew is a proud and dedicated father of five kids. He enjoys traveling, playing music, cooking, and personal growth.

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