According to Real Estate Experts, These Are The 6 Things You Should Never Put Under Your Sink

6 Things You Should Never Put Under Your Sink

Have you ever wondered about the things that pile up under your sink? This place seems like the perfect spot for cleaning supplies and chemicals we use everyday. Think again! Chances are, you have things under your kitchen and bathroom sink that are hazardous.

Harsh Chemicals

Many harsh chemicals are in powder form and can easily mix with other chemicals to create hazardous incidents. Once these chemicals mix, it can make it difficult to clean up. If someone were to touch these chemicals, it could burn or cause a rash or bad reaction. If there are children in the home, it is unsafe to have harsh chemicals so easily accessible for them to reach. It is best to keep harsh chemicals is a dry place like a garage or basement. Even better if you can lock them up to prevent children from having access.

Paper Products

Although it seems like a convenient place to store paper products, under the sink is one of the worst places. These paper products can easily get damp if there is a leak in the sink or moist by the dampness that is created from the sink itself. You will want to avoid placing any of these items under the sink. A better place is a nearby closet or pantry.

Pet Food

Storing pet food near chemicals is a major hazard. If chemicals spill over and leak they can contaminate your pet’s food. Or simple the vapors from chemicals can penetrate the packaging of your pet food and harm your furry friends. It is best if you store your pet’s food in a plastic container that can be stored in the garage, closet, or cabinet.

Small Appliances

Although it might feel like the most convenient place to store your toaster, blender, coffee maker, or electric wine bottle opener under the sink, there is a huge risk of water damage. Not only can a leaky faucet damage appliances, the moisture under the sink can cause rust. The last thing you want during a dinner party is to pull our a rusty electronic wine bottle opener that won’t work!

Paint Cans and Spray Paint

Not only should paint cans and spray paint not be under your sink, they shouldn’t be inside your house period! The mixture of paint with chemicals can cause a major issue.

Flammable Products

For obvious reasons, flammable products like solvents, thinners, polishes, and some cleaners should never go under the kitchen sink. These products being near the motor of a garbage disposal or a dishwasher can cause a fire. Most of these products have instructions on the bottle as to where to store and what temperature they should be stored. Read these recommendations and store accordingly.



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