How To Find A Good Property Management Company in San Diego?

How To Find A Good Property Management Company in San Diego?

Let’s be honest, when you get off the phone with your property manager, do you feel taken care of? Do they take forever to return your calls? Every month when you receive your owner’s statement, are you nervous that you are going to be surprised by what’s on it? Do you find yourself left in the dark, wondering about what’s going on with your property? Do you trust that your property manager is on your side?

It is important to know what to look for when choosing a property management company to manage your investments. We share key things that you should keep in mind when considering hiring a property manager.

Here is What to Look For


Make sure that your property manager is available and accessible when you need them. A good property manager is always available and can respond within a day or two. They are happy to provide you with their cellphone number, direct email address, and/or other contacts to manage your communication reliably.

Maintenance Requests

Find a property management team that can effectively and efficiently monitor repairs and maintenance requests from your tenants. A property management company should be able to provide you with a list of trusted vendors they use so that you feel confident in the people who are executing the repairs for your property. Repairs and maintenance are a critical part to your investment and should be a priority to any property manager you hire.

Emergency Call Line

It is important to have a 24-hour emergency line that tenants can call if there is a major emergency that needs to be addressed immediately. This 24-hour line helps to minimize any damage that a disaster can cause if not attended to for several hours.

Automated System

An automated system where tenants can access maintenance requests forms and pay rent with their personal login and password makes the process seamless. Many property managers use online maintenance forms where tenants can login via their smart phone, laptop or other devices which makes sending requests quick and easy.

Eye for Detail

A property manager who will not let overdue issues continue without proposing a solution can add value to your property. There are obvious issues that need to be addressed, but what about exterior issues or possible updates that can be easily executed and increase the value of your property? Having a property manager who will notice things like landscaping, fresh paint, or making extra trash cans available for tenants to remove debris can make a big difference.

Handling Evictions

You want to ensure that your property manager knows how to comply with eviction procedures so that tenants are evicted legally and in a timely manner. Your property manager should understand the California laws for eviction and a major plus is if they have a legal resource team that can provide solutions quickly.

Marketing Your Property

Your property manager knows how to market your property to attract tenants. This will ensure that the vacancy period is as short as possible. Using professional photography and engaging descriptions to market your property is important. This is something you want to ensure your property manager does with all their current listings.

Tenant Screening

There are several steps that a property manager should take when screening potential tenants. A rental application is the first step which should also include a Credit Report. This Credit Report determines if having a person sign the lease is recommended for your property. The California Department of Consumer Affairs provides resources that will support the tenant screening process.

Fair Housing Law

Your property manager should understand the California Fair Housing Law. This law protects potential tenants against discrimination based on many aspects that are important to be aware of. This is essential for property managers to understand to avoid any violation of this law.

In the End

At the end of the day, most investment property owners focus on building their profit with each of their properties. Owners look to reduce the time and effort they personally spend on the process to take care of their properties. Investors are looking for the valuable partnership of a property manager.



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