Things To Look For During A Home Walkthrough

Things To Look For During A Home Walkthrough

Moving into a new home or apartment? Are you the landlord and considering new tenants for your property? Here is a list of things to for both new tenants and landlords to look for during a home walkthrough.

Why Do A Walkthrough?

A thorough inspection of a property before moving in is one of the most important steps. Identifying and documenting issues is imperative in order for the tenant and landlord to be on the same page when the time comes to move out. By following a checklist, you can easily identify issues up front that will not be taken out of the security deposit.

Walkthrough Checklist

For the walkthrough, you will want to have your phone available to take photos of any issues and document them using a form that can be signed and agreed to by both parties. Make sure to document everything small or large.


  • Turn on the sink and make sure the water pressure is sufficient. Does the hot water work? Check under the sink to ensure there are no leaks.
  • Turn on the garbage disposal to make sure it works.
  • Check that the dishwasher is functionally.
  • Open to refrigerator and freezer. Are both cold? Are there any cracked shelves or missing drawers? Is the freezer build up with ice that needs to be removed?
  • Check that the oven turns off.
  • Turn on each of the burners on the oven. Do all burners work?
  • Does the microwave turn on?


  • Flush the toilets. Check for any potential clogging or backup issues.
  • Turn on the sinks and check underneath to make sure there is no leaking.
  • Turn on the shower. How is the water pressure? Does the water get hot enough?
  • Are there any cracked tiles in the shower, tub or surrounding?
  • Turn on the light fixtures to ensure they work.


  • Do all the windows latch closed?
  • Is there carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in every bedroom and in the hallways?
  • Is there an alarm system? Does it work? Have you changed the code since your last tenants moved out?
  • Did you rekey the property between tenants?

Whole Apartment

  • Check all the outlets to make sure they are functioning.
  • Open and close all windows and doors. Are the blinds on the windows missing that need to be replaced?
  • Is there stains, holes or rips in the carpet? Do you need to deep clean the carpets or replace them completely?
  • Any holes that need to patched and painted?

After Your Walkthrough?

Together discuss any questions or concerns you have about the property. Agree to what will be repaired or not repaired. Agree that anything that will not be repaired is documented clearly as to avoid any confusion at move out. Both tenant and landlord should always sign the document with all details pertaining to the walkthrough agreeing to these items.



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