How To Prepare Your Property For New Tenants

How To Prepare Your Property For New Tenants

Before you have new tenants move into your property, there are several things to consider in preparation.

Safety First

New Locks

Even if your past tenants turned in their keys, you want to consider changing the locks to provide an extra sense of safety and peace of mind.

Due Diligence

Make sure you keep record of everything pertaining to you property. This can include screenings you perform for potential tenants, lease agreements, maintenance requests and proof of rent payment.

Safety Devices

Test all alarm systems, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors prior to your tenants moving in. If you have a security code, make sure to change this code between tenants.

Clean Clean Clean

It is imperative that between tenants you have the property thoroughly cleaned. A move-out or move-in clean is recommended by a professional company who are experts in knowing exactly what and how things need to be cleaned for a new tenant.


Have all carpets deep cleaned to remove any stains or dirt that has built up overtime.

Missed Areas
When a property is full of furniture, it might not look as dirty as it really is. There are many areas that can be missed during a cleaning if you do not hire the right company or try to clean yourself. 
These missed areas can stick out like a sore thumb when tenants move.

Using a Magic Eraser on the marks on walls and doors is a life saver. If that doesn‘t do the trick, a fresh coat of paint to make the interior fresh for tenants always leaves a great first impression.


Test out everything in the property to make sure it works. Turn on all lights, turn handles and knobs, open windows and doors, flush toilets, and especially check those areas of the house that didn’t get used often by previous tenants. This will help mitigate any maintenance requests that come in right after a tenant moves in.

In the end

The purpose of going through these steps is to ensure that your tenants move into a property that is ready for them to live in. The last thing you or your tenants want to do is deal with repairs the week after move in. Having a clean, livable space will give your tenant incentive to keep your property in that condition while they live there.



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